05 Sep 13 at 12 am

I need this.

I need this.

If Jon Richardson actually has a girlfriend, is life worth living?

11 Jul 13 at 12 am
tags: lazy  tv 

There is no limit to what programmes I will watch if the tv remote is out of reach.

11 Jun 13 at 12 pm
tags: true blood  tv 

I’m just getting round to watching true blood season 4…the witch (Marney) is getting on my nerves! I hope she gets it.

17 May 13 at 1 am
tags: tv 

I flippin’ love ‘Road Wars’

Oh I love Come Dine With Me!

so stupid, but a woman just said about her daughter that had broken her back ‘at least it’s nothing serious’


11 Sep 12 at 8 pm
tags: tv  annoying 

My Dad cannot watch one tv programme…he flicks through about 100 channels every 2 minutes. Driving me MAD!

25 Jul 12 at 12 am
tags: geordie shore  tv  love 

It’s fucking hilarious.